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Marketing concept for the market entry of Voith Industrial Services (today: Leadec Holding BV & Co. KG) with the business unit Automotive & Transportation in India

„The new China is called India, it is the upcoming world power and will outperform China in the foreseeable future.” (www.eurasischerverlag.de) In the year 2008 emerging was situated in the field of vision of the global economy for a long time already. Good chances of growth first and foremost were predicted to the service and the automotive sector.

In fact, the automotive industry was booming and the tertiary sector had developed itself to become a driver of growth. By entering the market with the provision of services for the automotive industry a provider of industrial services wanted to benefit from these trends in India and to make use of his globally acquired competence in the automotive sector. This decision was backed up by the fact that many of his significant customers out of the automotive sector already had followed the promising call of India.

Thus, it was the goal, to summarize information about the Indian macroenvironment as well as to analyze the automotive market and the market of accompanying services in order to evaluate the potential for success of a market entry. In this regard specific importance was attached to the identification and analysis of competitors. Based on the situation analysis a marketing concept was compiled in what market-related strategies and measures for the operational implementation were developed.