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Tourism marketing for the city of Ludwigsburg

As a stand-in for parental leave I was employed at the tourism marketing of the city of Ludwigsburg for 1.5 years. My tasks included amongst others:

  • Collaboration at the overall touristic advertising for the city of Ludwigsburg and its service providers
  • Collaboration at the planning and implementation of the marketing for municipal events under compliance with the budget
  • Planning and organization of fairs, participation and post-processing
  • Conception, calculation and marketing of weekend packages
  • Training on the products for local touristic service providers
  • Compilation, organization and realization of informative journeys for international journalists to Ludwigsburg
  • Organization and supervision of trips for spectators of the SWR to the recording of the program “Nachtcafé” at Favorite Palace
  • Conception, organization and attendance of weddings of Japanese citizens at the Residencial Palace Ludwigsburg
  • Publication at touristic organizations and partners
  • Collaboration at the investigation of market, competitors and media
  • Collaboration at the performance of municipal events
  • Coordination of outdoor advertising